The Ultimate Human Experiment… A 50+ year old husband, father and MMA fighter

On today’s episode I’m talking with Roland van Amstel, who was nominated to be on the podcast by a mutual mate. Roland had been participating in the Wimp 2 Warrior MMA professional fight camp, otherwise known as “The Ultimate Human Experiment”.

Wimp 2 Warrior is a 6-month training program created by Sydney based Richie Cranny to transform participants with little or no MMA experience into true cage-fighting warriors. Interestingly though, contrary to the name the Wimp 2 Warrior program is not about who wins or loses. It isn’t Wimp 2 Winner, it’s Wimp 2 Warrior and the Warrior status comes from 6 months of training – which, as you’ll hear, can be pretty hellish at times – working through injuries and schedules and then stepping into the cage. Once you step into the cage, as far as Richie’s concerned, you become a Warrior win or lose.

Roland is a 50+ year old husband, father, works full-time in IT and is the quintessential everyday guy turned MMA fighter. As you’ll hear; Roland approached this incredible and confronting challenge in a measured and considered way. His motivation and journey are fascinating to hear and it’ll be interesting how many listeners will find themselves contemplating giving it a go, as I did.

Join us as we learn about MMA (mixed martial arts), the Wimp 2 Warrior training program, and Roland’s journey.

Topics discussed this episode:

  • The Wimp 2 Warrior training program and schedule
  • Mixed Martial Arts sport and rules
  • Roland’s background and motivations
  • The Wimp 2 Warrior final cage matches
  • Roland’s physical improvements in MMA training
  • Nutrition component of MMA training
  • Mental strength and dealing with injuries
  • Financial costs of the program


Wimp 2 Warrior

Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia

Roland van Amstel – Twitter

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