I'm often asked what gear I use for training and racing; which nutrition products I use etc. so I thought I'd share the love here...

The following are what I actually use! They are not paid endorsements, I am not sponsored by the companies behind them nor do I have any affiliate arrangements with them. Even in my role as ambassador for More Than Sport - I pay for my kit [which would otherwise defeat the purpose!]. 


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road_bikeBoth my wife and I rely on Skratch nutrition products; most typically the Exercise Hydration Mix, Fruit Drops and many recipes from both the Feed Zone Cookbook and The Feed Zone Portables Cookbook. They're all natural products without the junk found in other commercial products - and it tastes great!

We used this for both of our Race Across America races where, even after 6 days of continued use the flavour stayed appealing and we were free from gastro issues. Similarly, throughout my Ultra 520K Canada race and 100k ultra marathons I rely heavily on their hydration mixes and fruit drops.



road_bikeMy road bike is Specialised S-Works Tarmac SL3. It's fair to say that I LOVE this bike which I have used in countless races and plenty more training km's.

It came with a Dura-Ace group-set which hasn't missed a beat and some Reynolds aluminium training wheels [albeit, they were pretty schmancy training wheels!] which lasted me for almost four years of heavy travel and abuse!

As for the Tarmac - it's comfortable, responsive, lightweight and sexy! 


road_bikeMy TT bike is the Specialised S-Works Shiv in the banner image above! It's 'out of the box' but for the SRM power metre that is yet to miss a beat.

As a reasonably inflexible triathlete I find this weapon seriously comfortable, fast and easy to handle! But [almost] best of all is the customer service from Specialized head office in the USA. Following a small [but important] assembly flaw in the seat post fixing they could not have been more helpful - it was three days before my big race in Canada 2015; they air freighted a replacement frame and organised for it to be swapped over at a local Specialized store. Amazing service! Priceless in fact...


road_bikeI have been using the Specialised S-Works road shoes for over five years now - in fact, I'm still using my first pair! I once saw a blog that was complaining about the price of these shoes and, unusually, I felt compelled to jump in with the following observation...

Let's assume I paid $45o for mine [it was something like that...] five years ago. That would equate to $90 per year or rather, $1.73 per week... How much do you spend on coffee each and every day? 

See my point?? Worth. Every. Dollar.


road_bikeAs you can see on the banner image - for race day I like to break out my HED wheels; 60mm on the front and 80mm on the back seems to work well for me on the Shiv!

I had a set of Zipp's at one stage but I found them quite unreliable [kept popping spokes] although I was probably just unlucky... I've not had an issue with my HED's so far!


road_bikeI've long been a fan of the 2XU kit so it fits beautifully that they too are aligned with More Than Sport. I tend to use their cycling kit for my training rides but plan to use it for racing too - it's super comfy and lasts forever [almost]! 


road_bikeFor both Race Across America races Champion System supported us with heavily subsidised cycling kit and crew shirts. Including the training mileage and the races themselves I didn't suffer any undercarriage issues - super comfy. It's durable too - even after several years of living and training in the tropical heat of Singapore and Malaysia it cleans up well! 


road_bikeIt feels a bit random to mention sunglasses but... they're kinda important and I kinda love mine! I use a pair of the Jawbone Oakley sunglasses with polarised lenses.

They're phasing them out now in favour of the 'latest and greatest' - I'm sticking with mine until I have no choice. They've been dropped, kicked, scraped and twisted more times than I care to remember; they're pretty sweat proof too!