Mind Matters and Recovery Resolutions with World Champion Chris ‘Macca’ McCormack

On this episode I’m talking with triathlon legend Chris McCormack, also famously known as Macca. This was an illuminating conversation that naturally drifted to the subjects of mental attitude and the all-important (but often neglected) subject of recovery.

He was gracious enough to provide me with time for our chat as we took in the sights of the Thanyapura training facility in Phuket and filled our conversation with bite sized, easy to understand take away nuggets of advice for the everyday athletes!

For many listeners he will need no introduction but for those not familiar with Macca’s incredible athletic career… After massive success in short run triathlons, he went on to win Ironman Australia every year from 2002 to 2006. Chris is now a two-time winner of the Ironman World Championship in 2007 and  2010 and author of I’m Here to Win – A World Champion’s Advice for Peak Performance.

He is not only an expert in professional sport, but also in the business of sport, and you won’t want to miss his valuable advice during our talk. Originally from Australia, he now lives in Phuket, Thailand with his family and is a major force behind the spectacular Thanyapura Training Facility.

Topics discussed this episode:

  • ‘Mental toughness’ and pain management
  • Advice for everyday athletes
  • Choosing and training a team
  • Meditation, the pursuit of happiness and performance
  • Handling defeat and returning to the Ironman World Championships in 2010
  • Transition to corporate business
  • Plans for future racing
  • Balancing family and moving to Thailand
  • Process of publishing a book


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