Mental fortitude and the power of a peak performance mindset with the athlete’s secret weapon Stuart Walter

My guest today is described as the Athlete’s Secret Weapon. His name is Stuart Walter and he’s a mind coach, an author of the bestselling book ‘The Dear Diary Process’ and he does a lot of speaking on the subject of performance mind-set to athletes of all levels, from the everyday guys and gals to elite and Olympians.

He is a professional hypnotherapist and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, and he uses his skills and passion to transform athletes of any sport. For those of you not familiar with NLP – it stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming; a name that encompasses the 3 most influential components involved in producing human experience; neurology, language and programming. In simple terms it’s a pragmatic school of thought that addresses the many levels involved with being a human being.

Now, some of you may be thinking that it’s all a bit voodoo or tree huggy but, I can assure you; it’s a well-trodden path, highly effective and its powerful stuff! In fact, many of us [if not all of us] have at some stage been exposed to some form of NLP without even realising it. Now, like with all such mind related approaches; used for good it can be liberating. Unfortunately, it can also be used for manipulation in some settings such as sales environments; but that’s not the case here.

Aside from Stuarts impressive credentials, he’s truly passionate about sport. He has therefore managed to blend his passions with his work and today provides incredible support and transformation for a massive group of professional athletes. From golf to football [that being Aussie Football, not soccer for those dialling in from overseas], from surfing to netball to motorsport and triathlon; for those searching for the best of themselves Stuart is considered a trusted partner.

Now, we’re all busy people right? Sure we are. And as a result, most everyday athletes tend to favour their physical training sessions over three really important areas; recovery, flexibility and mind-set. And it’s that last one that we’ll discuss today with Stuart – I know through my own athletic evolution, mental fortitude is a hugely important part of the story and if we think of the brain as being a muscle; it too requires strength and conditioning work… Just stand at the back end of any endurance event and you’ll be able to spot those who have allowed themselves to be defeated mentally versus those who have really gone ‘all in’ and are genuinely spent.

I’m looking forward to sharing this chat with you – as you’ll hear, Stuart is full of life and his passion for his craft is evident. We were chatting after the recording ended and he said, “there’s so much more I could share” so we agreed to revisit the microphone in the future and dive even deeper.

Join us as we discuss the importance of mental fortitude and the power of a peak performance mind-set.

Introducing the Athlete’s Secret Weapon… how mind-set can transcend physiology…

Topics discussed this episode:

  • Clinical hypnosis as a performance tool
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) in daily life
  • Mental preparation for victory and overcoming anxiety
  • The Dear Diary Process and visualization tools
  • Training for a peak performance mind-set
  • Self-belief and achievement

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