EGP007: Training With a Sense of Balance and Harmony – Elite Level Trail Runner and Sports Physiotherapist Mark Green

In this episode I’m speaking with Mark Green, a top trail ultra runner, former elite Ironman triathlete and a running technique expert. He’s also the owner of a physiotherapy practice called The Body Mechanic, based in Sydney. Mark and his team offer a range of services to everyday athletes, such as running gait assessments, bike fitting services, strength and stability classes, exercise physiology and physiotherapy. Mark has over 30 years experience as an ultra distance runner and is a regular contributor to the Ultra168 Blog.

Join me as Mark shares his expertise and approach to training with a sense of life balance and harmony.

Topics discussed this episode:

  • Mark’s background and approach to training
  • Physiology, athletic injuries and The Body Mechanic
  • Common cycling injuries and investing in a bike fitting service
  • Importance of recovery in sport
  • Mark’s approach to nutrition in training and endurance events
  • Running technique and running shoe choice
  • Stretching tips and advice


The Body Mechanic


The Body Mechanic – Twitter

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Ultra168 Blog

“Overuse injuries in ultrarunners – A ‘beer drinking’ analogy” – Ultra168 Blog

This is the hamstring tension exercise that was discussed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wgv9nq-saDc&t=1s

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