Lengthen and strengthen your mind and body with a true legend; multi-sport competitor and coach Mr. Paul Romero

Today I’m talking with elite ultra-marathoner and coach, Paul Romero. It was hard to try and find a concise way to introduce Paul but his most recent accomplishments include back-to-back podium finishes at the Tahoe 200; a 200 mile [322km] single loop trail run around Lake Tahoe.

Big Picture. He’s been leading teams in the most environmentally challenging conditions for decades, including climbing the seven summits with his son and being one of less than 10 people to ever complete the Survival Run in Nicaragua; a brutal event that we discuss in this episode.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, Paul has achieved podium finishes at over 100 expedition adventure races around the world and runs his sports coaching and mentoring business, Uprise Performance, from British Columbia [and Hawaii].

Let me conclude by saying; He. Is. The. Real. Deal.

I’m proud to call this guy a friend and appreciate that I get the chance to shine a spotlight in his direction. There is so much in this conversation that is relevant to every single human being on the planet. Too much? Hyperbole? Find out. Join us in our unscripted conversation about his approach and passion for sport, coaching, and advice for aspiring athletes at any age.

Topics discussed this episode:

  • Paul’s background and Uprise Performance
  • Holistic approach to sport and coaching
  • CrossFit and strength training for speed and endurance
  • Finding the right kind of coaching program
  • Team training and camaraderie
  • The importance of sports nutrition and hormonal balance
  • Paul’s diet and shifting to plant-based nutrition
  • Recent challenges and survival runs


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