A peek behind the curtain into the world of ‘all natural’ power and physique with professional figure athlete Roz Alexander

My guest today is PNBA professional figure athlete and Australian mother of three, Roz Alexander who I was introduced to when I was looking for a professional trainer in Singapore. Recommended by a mutual friend [and fellow figure athlete] I remain deeply grateful for the introduction.

In fact, it was during my training sessions with Roz that I discovered a segment of the global sports world which I knew nothing about; that being natural body building. My cliché stigma’s did not extend beyond the media fuelled coverage of hugely over developed physiques which are only made possible by the use of chemicals. I was pleased to be shown a different side of the sport which, like any other, requires focus, hard work, discipline and commitment.

Anyone who knows me will attest that I aspire to a clean, plant based diet devoid of processed ‘foods’ which was one of the fascinating aspects when chatting with Roz. PNBA is the Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association; a clean and holistic bodybuilding association, devoid of any chemical enhancement and Roz exemplifies this through the way she lives, trains and educates others.

Roz is not only a devoted mother and wife, she is also the founder of a thriving training business, Beachfit and I was always impressed and inspired by her professionalism and knowledge when supporting her clients. I also gained a deeper understanding and respect for the sport of natural bodybuilding; something that Roz is, in my opinion, an ambassador they should be highly proud and appreciative of.

Join us for our unscripted conversation about being a figure athlete, body image, the power of mind-set, the importance of quality nutrition, life balance and her personal goals of helping and inspiring others.

Topics discussed this episode:

  • Differences between figure athletes and bodybuilders
  • Natural Bodybuilding competitions and Roz’s awards
  • Health challenges, recovery and start in weight training
  • Posing, dress and standards for competitions
  • Advice from competition judges
  • Transitioning from amateur to professional athlete
  • Diet and nutrition advice
  • Roz’s Beachfit, retreats and coaching programs


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